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Here Ye, Here Ye : “The Once & Future King” by JUICE

“The Once & Future King” – JUICE Magazine, Sept 2014 issue

We cannot build the future by avenging the past,” wrote T.H. White in his 1958 Arthurian fantasy novel, and we can only assume that’s the reason behind OSIXNINE’s rebranding in terms of identity, packaging, concept, and not to mention, it’s first men’s collection, Royalé. Since it’s inception in 2006, Yasmeen Zainal, a.k.a. miss.osixnine, has placed OSIXNINE on the forefront of KL’s streetwear fashion with it’s colourful, edgy, and eccentric look, much seen in local artiste Ze! as well as at international tradeshows like LondonEdge. Royalé retains the brand’s core identity via striking teal custom coloured fabric, personally handpicked by her majesty miss.osixnine herself, right down to it’s cutting and stitching.

If you think the Royalé is already exquisite on it’s own, then honey, you should see it worn with a crown.

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